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Your property successfully sold in 12 steps with Stijn Voet Immobiliën

The sale of your property is an important decision which you don’t take every day. Let Stijn Voet Immobiliën guide you through the entire sales process with all its administrative obligations. By following a fixed plan we ensure that the sale runs smoothly. “Relax” because your sale is in good hands with us.

Step 1 - We would love to meet you
We like to start off with a free visit to get to know you and listen to what your plans are and what you think is important. As a customer, you and your real estate are always central to the entire sales process.

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Step 2 - Free valuation
Correct pricing is crucial when you are selling your home. Nobody wants to sell their house at a too low price. On the other hand, an asking price which is too high can ensure that your property is not sold within a normal period. At Stijn Voet Immobiliën we already know the market prices for 20 years and we follow all evolutions closely.
In the valuation we take into account many factors such as finishing of the property, location, reference points, yield, evolution of the neighborhood ... All these data are subsequently incorporated in a report in which all data and market evolutions are displayed alongside the price.

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Step 3 - Selling traditionally or with a unique sales concept?
Do you prefer to sell in the traditional way or via the unique sales concept Q-Sale?
There are many things that play a role in successful sales such as timing, the way things are being handled, pricing, etc... Discover here our unique sales concept

Sell with Q-Sale

Step 4 - Your sales file: "a good start is half the battle"
Nowadays, a lot of certificates and administration are available when selling a property. If your file does not meet all administrative obligations, this can stop sales. You can count on us that we will fulfill all these formalities so you do not have to worry about this.

Compulsory documents at the sale
- Cadastral shelf
- Cadastral plan
- Soil certificate
- Extract Planning and Permits Register
- Extract Flemish Pre-emption rights
- Water test
- Electrical inspection
- Notary deed
- Post intervention file
- Inspection certificate for fuel tank
- Basic deed
- General meeting reports

Step 5 - What else can you do?
"Clean and tidy", a slogan that we all know. Also in the sale of your real estate not unimportant because we want to receive our prospective buyers together with you in a cozy and attractive home. You will also receive tips and advice about small works that you can or can not do for just that little bit more.

Tips for a nice reception

Step 6 - Professional photos
An image says more than a thousand words and this is true in real estate too. You only get 1 chance to convince potential buyers and to showcase your home from its best side. Photos will often be decisive if prospective buyers want to make an appointment.

5 tips for a good interior photo

Step 7 - How do buyers find your property?
As soon as the complete dossier has been compiled, including a complete and commercial property description, your building will quickly reach our site and all leading real estate sites and we will develop a publicity plan. Information about your property will be mailed to all contacts who are looking for your real estate through our office and other channels. By mailing, an average of 5.000 contacts are informed about your sale. We also provide a beautiful publicity board, Google and Facebook campaigns, regional flyers and publicity in the magazines and newspapers that are popular with your potential buyers, which we have charted through our complete market analysis.

Step 8 - Our approach to visit requests
All requests and contacts for your property are immediately and personally contacted upon receipt to arrange a visit. The visit is a crucial moment in sales. Make sure that your visitor immediately feels at home and gets the feeling of 'I would love to live here'. Buying a house is an important decision and therefore we will also adequately guide the prospective buyers so that they can make the right decision. We will give you a state of progress at regular intervals.

Step 9 - Negotiate a given offer
Good news: there is a bid and what now? Together with you we look at each bid that is made and we look together if this is within your expectations. If the offer falls outside your desired price, please call on our office to negotiate this bid.

How do I make a bid

Step 10 - Drafting the sales agreement or compromise
As soon as we have an agreement, we can go a step further and that is the sales agreement or compromise. With this document the sale is officially and definitively recorded. The drafting of such an agreement is a complex matter which we gladly take care of so that this step also goes without worries and you can enjoy this unique moment together with your buyer.

What is a sales agreement or compromise?

Step 11 - Drafting the notarial deed
The drafting and signing of the notarial deed is the last step in the sales process and here we are also happy to guide you. This deed is drawn up in consultation between your notary and the notary of the buyer. A solemn moment because after signing the deed the keys are handed over and you receive the purchase price.

What is a notarial deed?

Step 12 - We do not say goodbye but see you soon
If you have any questions or need help in the future, we are always ready for you in every situation. Stijn Voet Immobiliën has been guaranteeing a fair and correct service for years in which your interests are paramount before, during and after the sale.

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