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What is the regulation of co-ownership?

The regulations of co-ownership contain the rules that relate to the obligations of the co-owners. It is, as it were, the "organizational" part of the statutes. The regulations of co-ownership must also be drawn up notarial.

What can you find in these regulations?
  • The description of the rights and duties of the co-owners
  • How are the costs for the maintenance and repair of the common parts distributed?
  • The rules regarding the general meeting.
  • Which works may be performed.
  • By whom and how the garden may be used?
  • Which professional activities may be exercised?
  • Is the merging of apartments allowed?
  • Can the destination of my apartment be changed?

Finally, the functioning of the general meeting is determined: How should the members be invited? What are the exact powers of the general meeting?

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