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What is the EPC?

The energy performance certificate (EPC) is a document in Belgium indicating the estimated energy consumption of a home or apartment. It is mandatory for the rental or sale of a home or apartment.
The certificate is drawn up by a recognized energy expert. The intention is that the prospective buyer or lessee gets an idea of the energy consumption and can decide whether or not to rent or buy the home or the apartment. The EPC is expressed on the basis of a prefix. For the calculation of this key figure, many parameters will be taken into account such as the protected volume, the usable floor area, the space heating, hot water production, cooling, the presence of solar panels and renewable energy. Finally, measures are also proposed to optimize things (such as insulation).

How is this key figure expressed?
The value that is ultimately obtained is the energy performance of the home. This value expresses the characteristic primary energy consumption per m2 usable floor area (unit: kWh/m2). The lower the energy performance, the more energy-efficient the residential unit in question.

When do you need an EPC?
From the 1 of January 2009, all owners, whether he wants to rent or sell, must be able to present an energy performance certificate or EPC to each prospective buyer or tenant from the moment the home is offered for sale or for rent.

You can find the list of building types for which the obligation of an EPC applies here: area 

How long is an EPC valid?
If you already have an EPC that is not older than 10 years, you can use it again. Once the energy performance certificate is older you have to have it re-established. In the past, having a new EPC drawn up can be useful if you have invested in insulation, double glazing and other energy-saving measures because you will then have a better score. The latter is certainly not mandatory.

What if you do not meet this obligation?
Having and publishing an EPC is mandatory from the start of the publication. If you do not do this then as an owner you run the risk of getting a fine that fluctuates between € 500 and € 5,000.

Where can you apply for an EPC?
These certificates can only be drawn up by an energy expert type A recognized by the Flemish Region. We are happy to help you with applying for your EPC or energy performance certificate.

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