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What is a notarial deed?

To legally seal and finalize a sale, a notarial deed is required. Such a deed will be executed before the office of the notary. Both buyer and seller have the right to each designate their own notary. When there are two notaries, the fee is divided by both. The buyer does not pay any additional costs or fees for this.

Control identity
Before the notary starts with the drafting of the notarial deed, he will gather all kinds of information about the seller and the property from the various authorities, such as:
  • the identity of the seller
  • the destination of the good
  • compliance with urban planning regulations
  • the mortgage situation
  • ...

The execution of the deed
When the notary has all the information, he will put the sales agreement together with the obtained information in a deed and he will invite the parties to come together to 'execute' the deed (read aloud and sign). When everything is signed, the notary ensures that the deed is registered at the registration office. He also provides for the transfer of a copy of the deed of sale to the mortgage office. By means of this transfer the deed becomes enforceable against third parties. Any creditors of the seller can then no longer have a claim on the sold property.

The purchase of a property always involves costs, which are also called the notary costs. They consist of
  • the registration or sales rights for the tax authorities
  • the fee of the notary
  • additional costs (such as tax stamps, search costs, ...)

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