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Investing in real estate is investing in security and in the future.

It is no longer a new fact that investment in real estate is an interesting investment. Especially in periods in which the interest on saving accounts is historically low and the stock exchanges are particularly volatile.
The low interest rates on financing make it more interesting for you as an investor to get extra return on your real estate investment.

When you want to invest in real estate you should not be too impulsive and emotional. And that is why we are happy to help you choose the right investment. Some of the issues that we want to solve together with you, we would like to mention:
- Do you buy privately or through a company?
- Do you buy better residential real estate or commercial?
- Do you better buy new or existing real estate?
- ...

A golden tip is to buy rationally and not emotionally, because when buying real estate we have to make a distinction between the purchases you make for your own use, such as the family home, business building or second home... These purchases are usually made from emotion and personal preference.
Buying investment property, on the other hand, should be a rational decision whereby you have to take account of the highest possible yield, rental and management and later sales with effective added value. Emotion will never be a good advisor in this. When you invest on the stock exchange you also pay attention to the performance and the return and not so much to the beauty or the sentiment of the share.

Start to invest: this is what you need to invest in real estate

1. Knowledge of business
Anyone who dares into the real estate world without any knowledge of the facts often does not turn out too well. Let Stijn Voet Immobiliën help you without any obligation. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you. Focus on the residential market because it offers one solid guarantee: living is a basic need and everyone wants a roof over their heads. Therefore there will always be a demand for residential real estate, regardless of the economic climate e are in.

2. The real estate project and its location
Everything starts with finding a good project. Whether you want to invest in an apartment, a house, student rooms or commercial real estate. Nice buildings can be found everywhere, an interesting location on the other hand is more difficult. If you find a suitable project in a location with potential, the return will also be nice. An ideal location is a location:
- in a safe environment
- close to schools, shops and centers
- near highways/transport roads and public transport
- with low vacancy figures
- which is in full development
- with high average rental prices

3. A reliable partner
Look and inform who you are working with. What kind of buildings does this developer has on his portfolio and with what kind of quality and finish will be built and what are the guarantees that are given? Here too, we would like to help you further.

4. Choose a strategy that pays off
Found the right property? Then also look at what it's monthly return will be. Buying something and immediately selling it with profit is not realistic. Investors therefore always choose to rent out for 10 to 15 years. This way you enjoy a fixed income which can be used to pay off the mortgage. With real estate there are three forms of return, namely the capital gain, the rental yield and the tax return:
- Added value/capital gain:
Added value is the price evolution over the years. Via Stadim you can easily request the price increases. In Belgium, prices continue to rise slowly but surely, year after year by an average of 6%. Everything depends of course on the region and type of property. An investment property is best sold at the time when the capital gain is maximized. An exact time is never easy to determine for. In general this will be between 10 and 15 years. After 15 years, structural costs are beginning to come. Selling your property within 15 years means that your property is still in good condition and attractive to potential buyers.
- Rental yield:
This is the most simple and direct form of return. When you rent out you generate income which can be used to pay off your loan perfectly. A good rental yield on properties that will have a nice added value is usually around an average of 3%.
- Tax return:
Finally, investing in real estate can also provide you with a tax benefit. There are differences between real estate that you buy privately or through the company. Real estate acquired privately is currently untaxed, on condition that it is about private rent. The added value that you realize is no longer taxed after 5 years. Furthermore, the interest on a loan will neutralize the real income in the personal income tax and your capital repayments under certain conditions will be able to be contributed to the fiscal basket of long-term savings. The rules for companies differ: both rental income and capital gain are taxed. All costs, on the other hand, as well as VAT, registration duties, notary and bank charges are deductible. Your insurance, property tax and interest are also tax deductible.

5. Preferably choose for new construction or renovation
As reported, buying new construction has the great advantage that it is new, built with the latest standards, liabilities and guarantees. After 10 to 15 years you still have an attractive property that you can sell with a nice added value. When buying on plan you are also protected by the Breyne Act which regulates everything in terms of payment, the guarantees, the completion, etc. Other advantages are the fixed price, the payment in installments, the provisional completion after completion of the works and the final delivery a year later. Finally, the client remains liable for errors and defects for 10 years after delivery.

6. Play on the rental market
Nobody who owns a rented property likes vacancy. Crucial for the return will be a good capacity utilization. So be sure to consider who will qualify to hire your investment. A large target group in the rental market are the people who, for reasons, doesn't want to or can't buy their own home (yet). We think of:
- home-leavers
- people who are divorced
- older people who wants to live smaller
- companies with expads
- single people
- newly composed families
- ...
Investing in smaller new-build units with 1 to 4 bedrooms will certainly make a profit and will offer you the best guarantee of a smooth rental.

7. Work together with an experienced real estate agent
To find a reliable tenant Stijn Voet Immobiliën can also be at your service. In addition to finding a tenant, we are also responsible for screening the tenant, drafting the tenancy agreement and having a professional location description drawn up.

Contact us today and we will look at the various investment opportunities together with you.

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