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5 tips for a good photo

Plans to sell or rent your property? Be sure to to take some beautiful pictures. After all, good photos are the business card of your sale. Candidate buyers or tenants will sooner be convinced to visit your property when they see beautiful and attractive photos.
Please take care of the following tips when we take pictures of your home:

1. Clean and tidy
Clean up your home before we start photographing. An orderly home or apartment creates a sense of space and tranquility. If you are still staying in the home, be careful with the display of valuables. Burglars also have internet.

2. Atmosphere and conviviality
Bring some extra atmosphere into your home. A well-stocked fruit bowl, a bunch of flowers or a plant will make your living or dining room just that little bit cozier. If you have a fireplace, you can light it in the winter. Burning candles or other mood lighting ensure pleasant photos.

3. Show the plus points
With the above tips your home is ready, but which spaces do you want to put in the spotlight? A guest room is less interesting than the master bedroom. Take your photos from an angle to emphasize the size of a room. Is there a nice fireplace or a nicely finished ceiling? Then we would like to make a number of close-ups.

4. The right camera versus wide angle
It may sound obvious, but a good digital camera still goes above the smartphone or tablet. How convenient our mobile devices are, they are not suitable for taking pictures of your home. It’s also better to take pictures with a tripod and with a level so that your photos and lines are straight.

5. Light
The best time to take pictures is during the day so that the daylight is optimal. The outdoor photos are best taken on a sunny instead of drizzly moment. Also think about putting on all the lights.

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